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Dear Shane:


    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the terrific job you did on my 1967 GTO Convertible.

The job was done in an extremely timely manner at the price you said you would do it for.

The quality of the paint job was absolutely breathtaking.


                                                       ~    ~    ~    ~    ~


Shane, Lori, & Family,


    Thank you so much for the great job you have done on my “57” of course a special thanks goes out to your crew, Adam & Chris for all their hard work.

If I ever acquire the funding to have another care done you’ll be the 1st I call.

Thanks again.


                                                       ~    ~    ~    ~    ~


    The Car Show does a calendar each year and picks car and truck participants to have on their calendar for next year. The ’31 was picked as one of the participants and will be on that 2009 calendar. So I was pleased about that also. Speaks highly of the car and the quality and craftsmanship that you folks put into it.


                                                       ~    ~    ~    ~    ~


    Just though I would let you know. We went to the car show yesterday. A big event. I took the ’31. It won best in class for all street rods and also won best of show paint.

The car was received very well by all of the participants and spectators. In fact I couldn’t hardly get away for the car to go look at the rest of the car show. People had lot’s of questions, compliments and very good comments on the car in general and just wanted to ask questions and talk about it. A lot of the people had just never quite seen a car like it and the way it was built and finished.

So thanks again for the building of the car and a job very well done. It’s fun when you receive a reaction like that.