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Our process starts with compiling a parts list for missing or worn items. Each vehicle is assigned its own unit number and array of shelves for easy access when parts are needed.

Tear Down: To a great extent, this is the defining time when we get a true picture of the time and therefore costs that will be involved in the restoration. Each vehicle is extensively digitally photographed to assist in the reassembly phase. All other parts are then torn apart and refinished by sandblasting, priming, and painting.

Metal Work: We remove all rusted areas and replace with new metal. Custom fabricated panels such as firewalls, floors, and custom dashes are installed.

Body Work: During the body work process all the old paint and other material is removed. Surface rust, dents and imperfections are taken out leaving a superbly flat surface that is essential for achieving a great paint job.

Primer and Paint: We spray an epoxy primer over the bare metal and filler to create a clean surface. Once the primer is cured we guide coat and block sand the primer, all the while looking for any imperfections that will affect the final paint stage.

        During painting we spray a minimum of two coats of color and four coats of clear on most vehicles. Using our in-house mixing bank of Glasurit® paint, which is the highest end product line for solvent-borne basecoat-clearcoat refinishing, we can mix factory or custom colors. Although our in house paint is Glasurit®, we are very comfortable painting any manufacture.

Color Sanding and Buffing: Each vehicle is then color sanded and buffed to provide a deep and jewel like finish

Reassembly: Starting with the frame and suspension we assemble the necessary components to provide a smooth ride. The drive train and exhaust are then assembled to provide power to the vehicle. If it was a frame off restoration or custom the body is reunited with the frame, with drive train already in place. The wiring is completed, doors and fenders are put on and other essential components are completed. The last steps before final detail include glass and interior.